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A Magic Tree in Sudan

When I saw the tree was on the way to a project site in Morobo county, from Juba. That area was covered by trees of the woods like other areas of southern Sudan. However, the tree was far taller than others in the area so that I wondered why only this tree grew like this.  That was Mahogany. Mahogany was highly prized as timber but there were no Mahogany tree around.

After a while, I passed that road again and asked a local staff about that tree. The local staff told me surprising story.

This tree was old and perfectly suitable for timber therefore some people had ever tried to cut down the tree and never succeeded. Some people tried to cut it down by using heavy machinery. The tree fell, however, it stood there next day as if nothing had happened.

Do you believe this? It was completely unbelievable story for me. Might it have magic power? Tree of Buddha in Sudan…. “Banyan Tree” in Asia and “Baobab” in Africa, especially in Madagascar, are famous for that kind of story. I wish someone could find the truth about it….

November 18, 2010 in South Sudan |