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Natural disaster and human disaster Part 2

20101021dscf4848 Around 16:00 on September 24th, very strong wind raged, and it began to rain. About 20 ~ 30 minutes it remains and at least 50 thousand lives were lost around capital because of this rainstorm. Billboard was destroyed and fallen, and utility pole was also falling down. A concrete block wall collapsed, and road became like river. Due to this effect, electric supply around capital area has been stopping. However, even this damage is lighter than the damage of hurricane.

If there is any other enough fuel except charcoal in Haiti……
If there is better construct structural standard in Haiti even though it is not good enough as earthquake-resistant construction……
If infrastructure was prepared enough……20101021dscf4841 .

Several hundred thousand people’s life may not lose. This kind of problem in Haiti will never solve after all if we give up solving this problem as due to natural disaster.

Haiti needs support as long as possible. Support include not only economic support but also reorganization and thinking of the problem in Haiti, and it lead to good future to our world.


In rainstorm, one of the office assistant, Corolla, called a guard and driver loudly, and run to the place which car is parked. Head officer yielded to her that she should stay inside of the house. Head officer watch what happen to her, and he saw everyone ride the car to prevent blowing the car by their weight.

October 21, 2010 in Haiti |