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Meet the Stakeholders

Since I have been stationed at Islamabad for a year, I had various experiences such as joy, anger, sadness and fun. This time I had a chance to return to Japan for annual home leave.

During my short return, I mainly spent my days to visit and report my work and projects JEN's implementing to our financial partners. It was indeed a good chance to meet these people whom I do not meet in my daily life in Islamabad, but learned that I cannot implement activities without these people.

Also, being busy with my daily work, I learned that I must never forget not only the people who benefit but the financial partners who let JEN to implement the projects as well. Something I did felt during my days in Japan.

Given the enormous strength, I felt that I must work hard with a clear mind.
In the future as well, I do ask for your support in the Afghanistan- Pakistan Project.

Thank you for your support.

October 28, 2010 in Afghanistan |