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Hajj ~ Special Clothing for Pilgrimage ~

Hajj (the large pilgrimage to Mecca, for detail please refer to the article updated on July 16th, 2009 ) season will be started soon. Before this pilgrimage, male pilgrim should have his head shaved and should wear two pieces of white cloth called ihram. All kinds of plain white cloths without any pattern and any embroidery can be used as ihram. Even a belt to fasten the cloth on waist also hasno seam. It has only a pocket to keep the valuables. On the other hand, there’s no restriction on female’s cloths. She should have her just a little of hair tips cut.


No one can reach to Mecca and its neighboring area without ihram. Then, when do male pilgrims from all over the world change to the special cloths?

If he tries to reach by road, he can use one of five changing rooms called Miqat, located at 11 ~ 187 km away from Mecca.


If he reaches by air, he can change his cloths in a restroom on airplane before crossing the border. Anyway, here’s a problem that they have limited number of restrooms for all of passengers. There is always a long line at restrooms. I have heard about an unlucky man at the tail of the procession missed to change before crossing the border. Some people finish the change at departing airport to avoid this kind of risk. 

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