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A Message from a Engineer in Anbar Prefecture


Here Anbar prefecture where we have river Euphrates, is located in the west from the capital Bagdad, bordered on Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. People here still have tribal society and the number of main tribes exceeds 50. I would like to introduce Anbar to you with new pictures if possible, but unfortunately most of the landmarks are tumbled down.
I have been working for JEN as an engineer in Anbar since December, 2009. Before that, I had been belonged to a humanitarian supporting organization in Gulf States to engage in schools and wells construction/reconstruction projects for Southeast Asian people who needs to be supported. I feel happy to work for others in the field of humanitarian support, putting my specialty to account.

At last, do you know how we Iraqis feel for Japanese people? If you ask to 10 Iraqis, all of them will say as ‘diligent, good natured and always with smile’.
(Of course I’m one of them who answers so!)

October 14, 2010 in Iraq |