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When resuming life was a dream

100908_01_children_on_wreckages_of_ Janas Khan and Shah Nawaz are brothers who live in UC Gumbat with five and four children, respectively. Both brothers earn their living through transporting daily necessities on a horse carriage from a market in Gumbat to their neighbouring villages.
One night, when the brothers were sleeping with their children, water suddenly rushed into their house at two in the morning. They all woke up only to discover that their house had been inundated. Their only option then was to evacuate the house to go to a safe area. It was extremely difficult for the brothers to take their nine children to a safe place while the house was being inundated by the rapidly rushing water. While they were struggling to escape, some of their children got injured, but fortunately, they successfully reached a safe area.

100908_01_a_child_in_front_of_his_d Early morning the next day, when they returned to their house, there was nothing but wreckage, and their house had been completely destroyed. The relentless water also washed away their horse, which was their only source of income. They therefore not only had their house completely demolished but also lost their only means of income. It was the most difficult time for the family. They lost all hope and could not imagine restoring their life again, being a big family.

100908_01_cart_is_there_while_hor_2 100908_01_family_is_living_in_ten_2 No one from the government or humanitarian organizations came to assist them; only their neighbours assisted them with food. It was JEN’s assessment team that visited their house to ask what their needs were. In two days, JEN provided them with a package of non-food items, which allowed them to live their life in dignity again. Now that they acquired the necessary items for living, they are able to plan for reconstructing their house and continue earning their living.  100908_01_child_is_washing_hands_wi   

September 9, 2010 in Pakistan |