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Ready to go

It is in September and has been for two weeks since the second term at school started in Japan. Here in Iraq, the students have two more weeks to enjoy their summer vacation. (Anyway it seems to last boiling hot days over 40℃ in Baghdad.)

Today, JEN's project is in the final preparation stage for the Hygiene Promotion Project.
(For further detail, please refer to the article on 4th February and 22nd July.)

100916_iraq_2_2  Purchase of the cleaning equipment is done such as hygiene kits such as soaps and tooth brushes. Our last work is to finalize the teaching material. The content, some illustrations to be inserted in
order, and will get the approval from the Ministry of Education in Iraq before sending over for printing process.

We have been discussing detail
precisely, like the best size of the text would be…, the quality of papers would be…it would be better to select strong and lustrous paper for covers… and so on. Completed texts will be arrived from the printer in the end of summer vacation.100916_iraq_2_3

September 16, 2010 in Iraq |