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Once Nervous, Now Happy. A tale of Teacher

We conducted the monitoring visit of hygiene education at Kajo Keji county. JEN uses an interactual method called PHAST for hygiene education. JEN's support is carefully organized to let the participants, children at the primary schools, notice the problems related to hygiene, find the solutions and take actions for these.

In addition, JEN has been providing some trainings which enable the teachers to provide hygiene education to new students after JEN completes the project at that school. 25 teachers from 22 primary schools took part in the training held at Kajo Keji county.

This was the first time for the teachers to participate in this kind of training so that they seemed slightly nervous. However, they started to be familiar each other through the group works and exchanged ideas in a enthusiastic way. The photos show the work for the technique used for telling the actions related to hygiene issues happened in the communities near the schools by picture. A plenty of unique pictures were showed at the time. After the classroom lecture for 3 days, they visited the community to have some practical training.  In the end, the teachers returned to their schools with confidence after they completed the training.

We can imagine how the teachers provide hygiene education to children next year after JEN complete the project.

Michi Yamanakajima, Head of Office at Juba

September 9, 2010 in South Sudan |