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Dates and Palm Trees

Now we are in September basis Islamic calendar, a Ramadan term of this year.
(As for Ramadan, please refer to the articles updated on September 2008 or October 2007.) Muslims fasts during daytime, from sunrise to sunset in a day.


This is a kind of confectionery called Klaicha, plenty made before Ramadan, and to be eaten well during Ramadan. This is made of the paste rolled with dates (fruit of date palm, shown in black part on picture), and later cut into pieces. Before the recipe was simplified, it had been made at a price. It had been rounded piece by piece not to show stuffed dates, coated its surface with yolk and then baked. It was a kind of work taken whole day. In Jordan and Palestine, sesame is occasionally stuffed instead of dates as it’s also familiar to them.


In Iraq, cutting down a palm tree is said to let a life disappear. During 2003 invasion of Iraq, a large number of palm trees were cut down to clear all the things shut out visibility. Some of Iraqi people think this is why they had heavy mortality.

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