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Challwngin in Haiti, Part 2: Many rivers to cross.

30 minutes later, JEN's vehicle was running national highway in the rain. Vehicle was beyond five rivers without trouble!

We got a contact from volunteer who lives around our project site that we would not be able to go back to the site today because the road is closed due to increasing water of rivers.This is why, we would go to Grand Goave, next town of the site, to buy something necessary for our project.

However, we caught a traffic jam right away and that makes our staff members annoyed. Grand Goave is only five kilometer away from the point beyond the rivers, but our car can not move on. We got stuck in the muddy water but other cars did not make the line behind us and nobody helped us. After all, we spent three hours to move on only five hundred meters!

Since the bridge between Grand Goave and Foche felling down due to earthquake on January 12th, there is no way to get the town except crossing this river. Normally, we call this place 'a bank', but this place will remain 'river' several months because of rain.

Today is too hard to say 'normal', and we hope there will never continue such a day.
After several months, the season of a hurricane will be coming, and it is possible that large scale of hurricane directly hit to Haiti so we must be cautious about that.
Millions of people in Haiti can be homeless again.

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