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Breakfast in Jordan

Some of you who read the article about " sweet tooth Jordan ",  might be interested in daily meals in Jordan. Today let me introduce Jordanian breakfast.

The picture shows a popular style of breakfast. Clockwise from the top,

*Khobs=pita bread:     It’s sometime pronounced like ‘Hobs’ in other countries, but it seems ‘Khobs’ is more similar to Arabian pronunciation.
*Farafel:    Fried bean paste with spice
*Foul:    Boiled and mashed broad bean
*Hommos:    Garbanzo bean paste, also called as ‘Hummus’
*Arabian Salad:    Salad

You can buy ‘khobs’ with a coin everywhere. It’s sold by the kg (roughly 12 -13 pieces), not by loose as on picture. 1kg of Khobs costs only about USD 0.35*.


Various makers have their original canned Hommos. It will taste soft as in restaurants if you mix it with olive oil, mustard, ketchup and water.


(*Exchange rate: as of 19th February 2011)

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