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Breakfast in Jordan

Some of you who read the article for sweet tooth Jordan, updated in the beginning of July, might be interested in daily meals in Jordan. Today I’m going to introduce about Jordanian breakfast.

This picture shows a popular style of breakfast. Clockwise from the top,
Khobs=pita bread:

It’s sometime pronounced like ‘Hobs’ in other countries, but it seems ‘Khobs’ is more similar to Arabian pronunciation.

Farafel:Fried bean paste with spice

Foul:Boiled and mashed broad bean

Hommos:Garbanzo bean paste, also called as ‘Hummus’

Arabian Salad:Salad

You can buy ‘khobs’ with a coin everywhere. It’s sold by the kilogram (roughly 12 ~ 13 pieces), not by loose as on picture. 1kg of Khobs costs only about USD 0.35. (Ex rate as of 19th February 2011)


Various makers have their original canned hommos. It will taste soft as in restaurants if you mix it with olive oil, mustard, ketchup and water.


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