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Before the New Term Starts

It has passed for two weeks since the second term started in Japan. Here in Iraq, the students have two more weeks to enjoy their summer vacation. (Anyway it seems to last boiling hot days over 40℃ in Baghdad.)

Now JEN project is in the last-minute preparation stage for the Hygiene Promotion Project.
(For detail please refer to the article written on February 4th and July 22nd.)


Already purchased the cleaning equipment, hygiene kits such as soaps and tooth brushes, our last work is only to prepare the teaching material. It will be organized the content, ordered some illustrations, and will get the approval of the Ministry of Education in Iraq before printing. We have been discussed in detail like the best size of the text would be…, the quality of papers would be…it would be better to select strong and lustrous paper for covers… and so on. Completed texts will be arrived from printer in the end of summer vacation.

100916trash_bins This project is highly supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan, United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affair (UN-OCHA) and all of the supporters.

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