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When I lost my 2 precious gifts

Rahman Gul lives in Town Gumbat with his family -  his wife, four daughters and two sons. One night when he was sleeping in the only room in his house with his family, he felt that  water rushing into the room. He sprung up to comprehend the chaotic situation and tried to  somehow get out of the room.  Then, he realized that his house was full of water.  He was desperate to secure his family, when the boundary walls of the house fell down. He immediately woke up his fourteen-year-old son to get some help from the neighbor, but saw that the neighbor’s house was already broken. When they returned to secure their family, the room was almost full of water. It was too late.

Her wife, at the same time, tried her best and sat her two daughters and one son  over the cupboard. She tightly held her two younger daughters (one and half, and three years old) in her lap when a part of the roof came down over them. With the heavy weight of the roof on top of herself, she lost hold of her daughters; they slipped from her hands and disappeared in the fast flowing water.

Next day, with the help of the neighbors they found their daughters lying outside their house in a stream. and Rahman Gul lost his two precious gifts given by God to him. This was an unbearable loss for him and his family.

Now, people come to visit his house daily for condolence. Rahman Gul is a laborer,  loading and unloading commodities  in the Town market. Rahman Gul not only lost his two daughters but also his house, which was severely damaged . He is completely lost, whether to reconstruct his house or go to the market to earn food for his remaining family. Fortunately, his neighbors are supportive and they have accommodated his family for the time being. They also share their food with his family. But it will take him long to recover from the loss of his two daughters, while working hard to save up money for reconstruction of his house. So far, he has not received any assistance, neither from the government nor from any humanitarian organization.

Rahman Gul with his remaining family in Town Gumbat, district Kohat


Place where 2 daughters of Rahman Gul slipped from the hands of his wife and disappeared in t

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