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What Can We Do with your Contribution? - Repairing Work in Iraq.

Let me introduce to you, what we can do with definite budget.

For example, we have watering equipment like this.


Water pipe underruns as below picture

100819_iraq6_2 .

It has 6 meters from water main source to reach the tap, and we can replace 1/3 of it to new one with JPY2,000(*).


If we have JPY2,000, we can also repaint two doors, or place two of new fluorescent lights.

Moreover, to repair a rest room, we can re-cover the floor with mosaic tile
or we can place "a hose and a tap" as you can see on the left side on below picture.

The article on hygiene promotion project is appeared on autumn issue of JEN news letter .

(*USD 24.05, exchange rate as of 8th Jan, 2011.)

August 19, 2010 in Iraq |