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[Flash Report] Distribution Goods Finalized

Today was the Independence Day in Pakistan. However, since nearly 10% of the population was affected by the flood, no elaborate ceremony was held this year.

On a lighter note, distribution goods were finalized today. For 300 houses that are completely destroyed, tents, hygiene kits, beds, mattresses, and gas cylinders will be distributed. For another 300 houses that are partially destroyed, plastic sheets, hygiene kits and plastic mats will be distributed.

Local staffs, Tufail (left) and Naveed (right), preparing the distribution of goods at the office

However, market prices of these goods are rising rapidly due to the massive jump in demand for these goods. In particular, the demand for plastic sheets is especially high, so it is possible that in the end we won’t be able to procure them.

We are doing our best to make progress with procurement and distribution, to reach as many people as possible, and as rapidly as possible.

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