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[Flash Report] Current situation, and slow assistance

The two local staff, split into two groups, are continuing with assessment of houses in Gumbat and Shakardarra. Meanwhile, personnel for research and distribution are being employed, and preparation for goods distribution, such as selection of warehouses, is run in parallel.

100817humanitarian_coordination_cen On the 17th, we participated in coordination meeting at Serena Hotel in Islamabad. Humanitarian Coordination Center of the UN was established in this Hotel, where we can obtain useful information such as maps of the affected areas.

100817_2 On the 16th, there was a heavy downpour, and JEN’s backyard was submerged yet again.

In all of Pakistan, approximately 20% of the country was submerged, even though this is not attracting media attention. Affected area is extremely vast. International community’s assistance is yet to meet the demand adequately.

Shunsuke Narita, Program Officer

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