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Exercise to keep hands clean

 JEN is working on health and education programs at the school in Parwan Province, Charikar district. During the winter vacation, teachers who were trained from the experts for three days, began the health education to children from the new spring semester.

 In June, there was a four week hand washing program and in July, there was a two week finger nail clipping program. At the end of every month, the school Committee and JEN staff visited each school reviewed whether the program was functioning.

Here is our observation...

First, the trained teachers explain their knowledge they learned again and next the children show their hand washing. They use soap and wash thoroughly between fingers and fingernails. After the hand wash week for 4 weeks, hand washing became very well.

It seems that clipping fingernail was not that easy for small children. They cannot handle the upper level well. So first the elder children clip the fingernail of the younger children. Then the JEN staff show how to hold it again.

Finally, even the smallest child was able to clip his fingernail alone.

August 19, 2010 in Afghanistan |