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Construction situation in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a country which has experienced 30 years of war and during these 30 years of war, around 3 millions, both men and women were killed ordisabled. Many buildings were destroyed too, both private and governmental buildings.Hospital, schools and agriculture buildings were destroyed, so sick people had to receive treatment in outdoor tents , and similarly school children were studying in tents or in mosques without proper equipments such as desks and chairs. .

Recently, the central government of Afghanistan implemented a  direct vote by the people and since then some positive change has come to Afghanistan.  It can be seen espitially in construction of buildings.In the private sector (house building), market is now revitalized and new houses are being  constructed, thanks to people’s hard work. Some of the new houses are constructed by UNHCR with their distributed shelter for the IDPs (internally displaced persons).

In the public sector, including hospitals, schools, economic, agriculture buildings are constructed and rehabilitated by many NGOs and international organizations. Construction of school and hospitals is still going on in.

Around 80% of the necessary construction is done, but it is still not enough and needs further aid of national and international organizations. 
For the hope and success of all aid organizations to construct hospital and school buildings in all Afghanistan, and that the Afghan people could one day easily access  hospitals and schools…

Sincerely, Najibullar Khalilzai, JEN Parwan Province

August 5, 2010 in Afghanistan |