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Something to cheer for

It has not been so long since the devastating earthquake killed more than 200,000 people in Haiti. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their family, became homeless, and live in temporary housing, either with host families or at one of 1,200 makeshift camps around the country. We are working in the field everyday as we constantly notice those who are living in dire situations.

Despite their challenges, there is something to be cheerful about, which is the currently ongoing FIFA World Cup. Whenever there is a game, we hear a loud live broadcasting coming from inside buses and cars everywhere in the street. Those who have personal radio sets carry them by their ears while walking or working. The most fascinating part is seeing so many people gathered around TV sets in shops and restaurants. Every time their favorite team scores, fans cheer in excitement and celebration.

20100715_argentina_flag_on_a_car 20100715_people_gathered_to_watch_2

Among the Haitian people, the Brazilian national team is the most popular, followed by Argentina as a close second. JEN’s staffs always watch out for security after each game, when all the streets become blocked by the excited crowd. And now, we are planning a project that would further inspire and encourage th local people.

July 8, 2010 in Haiti |