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Some Like It Hot

Here in Jordan, we rarely have spicy hot foods. Instead what we see everywhere in the town is sweet food.

If you order a cup of tea here, it will be served with plenty of sugar. So sweet lemonade with mint is no surprise for the people here, even if it gives me a little regret ordering it to have a refreshing taste.

At first I arrived in Jordan for work, I thought it was just by coincidence to have so sweet foods. Now as I know how sweet tooth the people here, I learned to order a soft drink without sugar and adjust the taste by myself to avoid too sweet drinks.

It is not only drinks that is sweet, but also the sweets. They are the great enemy for dieters as it also contains plenty of oil. In a Korean restaurant, you will be served Jordan tasted sweet barbecued beef. In an Italian restaurant, you might be served sweet coleslaw salad for relish.

Why don't you try so sweet tooth Jordan?

July 8, 2010 in Iraq |