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100629_agro_well_nokr4_vadamunai    This photo shows a well under  construction  by JEN out of 40 agro well construction project which is being carried out in resettled areas in the Batticaloa District , Eastern province of Sri Lanka.   

  At a pocket meeting with people  held at the village called Vadamunai, while our team member explaining about maintenance of this particular  well ,  the Beneficiaries surprisingly said  “  what a so big well for us “ which we have not seen in our life. 

  They also said that this is a ever big well constructed in not only in their village but also in the entire district.   A longstanding water problem would solve by this great well.    Size of the agro well is 6m in depthx3m in width.100629_meeting_with_well_maintainin 

  As a JEN team member I told the  people , to say big well is easy but you should imagine why big well provided by JEN for many people and not many wells to many people.  This is how JEN working. 

  JEN want to see the people talk together, work together, co-operate each other make effort to change living standard thereby  live together.  Thank you people for the moment but I am coming back to you on another day, said by JEN FO. 

P. Nagarajah
JEN Batti Field Officer

July 1, 2010 in Sri Lanka |