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Water Sanitation assistance in Morobo county has been successful!!

JEN’s water sanitation programme for schools brought some changes to people’s life in Morobo county, remote area.

A person who lives in Ryokapoto said ”Well equipped hygiene facility and safe drinking water brought us fantastic development.” Ryokapoto is a local town in Morobo county.

Alhaji, a chief of water department in Morobo county, said "This is absolutely fantastic for people in Morobo. We did not expect that we achieved such a many things in one year".

By stocking rainwater from roofs, 1000 children learning in 6 schools in Morobo county became able to use lavatories.

Wani, a chef of Ryokapoto said “We had not used these kind of facilities before. We did not know JEN, neither. It has been a year since JEN started the projects here, there are many changes. We cannot talk about these changes without  JEN”

June 3, 2010 in South Sudan |