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Unexpected Intruder

It is not easy to learn in school quietly in Sudan.

Needless to say, there is no quiet library, and the noisy huts with mud wall are packed by 50 students. Unfortunate students have to study under the tree. It is the open air school. When it is rain, the school will be closed otherwise the students and the text books will get soaked!!

In this situation, the schools currently being constructed must be very useful. All classes are able to have own classrooms, and the students will be able to some homework in the rooms without getting soaked.

The school construction is prevented by not only some big issues such as the troubles caused by the election, the conflict between the nationality and the flood. We had to watch the schools all day this week. It was not for guarding from burglars. It was for protecting the schools from the goats which had spoiled our work by walking on the unfixed cement and making their foot prints on it!!

In Sudan, it is difficult to go to schools, but it is difficult to construct schools itself, too.

June 17, 2010 in South Sudan |