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The Future Created by Agricultural Wells

100603_a_beneficiary_with_organic_p The other day, a JEN staff member spoke with a returned refugee who had participated in the construction of agricultural wells and JEN’s community-building workshops. He said that having water, a necessity for life, had also brought hope for the future. Through JEN’s support, he has gained an understanding of new agricultural techniques, cooperative methods and ways to share resources within the community. He said that he is now able to continue producing crops, and in a better way.
 Right now, he is focusing on the workshops’ lessons in maximizing harvests with minimal resources. This means vegetable gardening during the rainy season, when one can expect large harvests, in order to use his time effectively. He said he is waiting eagerly for more agricultural wells to be completed, since among other things they will allow him to continue farming.

The pictures are from a workshop held a few days earlier, through the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and all of our supporters. You can see the organic pesticide he labored to make himself, the vegetables (eggplants) grown by other participants, and a test crop of bananas, which are difficult to grow here due to difficulties with water supply and wild elephants.

100603methodical_egg_plantjpg_culti  100603_testing_banana_plant
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