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Port Meat Available

100603_img_1325  As I have already introduced a lot about ‘Garment’, today I’m going to introduce about ‘food’.

  Here in Amman, the majority of citizens are Muslims. As it’s said that Muslims don’t take pork meat, what we see at a meat section of supermarkets are only chicken, beef and lamb meat. We never see pork in supermarkets. You may have a question whether expatriates are unable to have pork until their home-leave, doubt so. There’s a way for non Muslims. In Amman, there is specialized ‘pork meat shops’ (not just ‘meat shop’) ran by Non Muslims.

  The shop I have visited sells processed and frozen pork meat. Even frozen whole pork carcasses is available!  200g of frozen pork shoulder cost me 2 Jordanian dinars (= USD 2.82, currency pegged since 1995), far more expensive than other kind of meat I usually take. Although, my first bite of pork meat in a while tasted so special.100603_img_1328

June 10, 2010 in Iraq |