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Education Condition in Afghanistan

After the Taliban regime was overthrown in 2001, changes occurred in the country’s education situation. The Afghan government, receiving assistance from the international community, worked hard to increase the number of schools and other education facilities. To give their children a better future in a safer and wealthier country is what the Afghan people wish for the most.

Being educated in a school, I believe, is the first step toward realizing that hope. During the war, many schools were destroyed, thereby degrading the education system in Afghanistan. Since the peace in 2001, the educational environment significantly improved, as the Afghan government, in cooperation with the international community, reconstructed several hundreds of schools and educational facilities.

There are, however, some problems that currently remain unresolved. Because many districts in this country do not have enough school buildings and lack other educational facilities, children are studying under tents or in open area. On the other hand, the largest issue is the lack of public security in certain regions in Afghanistan. It is quite a serious issue, as school students and teachers are sometimes directly targeted for attack. Another issue, furthermore, is people’s economic situation. In Afghanistan, there are families that do not earn enough income to survive each day. Children in such households are not given the opportunity to be educated, shut in their homes to earn money doing difficult tasks. Thousands of children on the streets are forced to work in stringent work conditions because their families are poor.

Despite such abject situation, children try to go to school. They believe that education can save them and let them lead a better life in the future.

Prepared by: A.Fahim

May 13, 2010 in Afghanistan |