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Changing Seasons

In Japan, most people recognize four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.
In Sudan, however, there seems to be some extra ones. For example, last month was the ‘election season,’ which has now passed and given way to the ‘rainy season’. Occasional bursts of torrential rain have benefits as well as disadvantages. Their main perks include cooler temperature (down from 48 degrees Celsius in February), which allows us now to sleep at night, and pretty clouds, which give way to beautiful sunsets. The downside includes roads being inundated, suddenly burgeoning mosquitoes, and disruption of work.

100520_former_bridge_between_gudele For example, some of the local people who were helping to construct primary schools in the Juba County literally had their work washed away. When I found out about their problem, I tried to visit them to see it in person only to find myself stuck because the bridge on the way had also been destroyed in the deluge.

100520_dsc00014_small It was not a typhoon but still another unexpected challenge to overcome. Bring on the ‘dry season’!

May 20, 2010 in South Sudan |