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Changes since the Toilet Reconstruction

100527_abd “Before the toilets were reconstructed, many students left the school early to go to the bathroom. This is because our toilets were absolutely unusable. Now, we not only have great toilets but also electric fans and electricity. Thanks to these improvements, students are more motivated, and fewer students are late to school. I am also aware that we are trying to maintain the toilets in their functional state.”

This is a comment that we received from Mr. Abd, who teaches Arabic to sixth graders, at the school that was reconstructed through the combined effort of all of our supporters and the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is unthinkable in Japan that students go home to use the toilet. Here in Iraq, however, it is accepted as nothing unusual. To make matters worse, students do not come back to school once they return to their homes because they live quite far.

We will continue our work to enable students to properly learn in school as soon as possible.

May 27, 2010 in Iraq |