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Assistance for Self-Reliance, Part 2

Following the lecture on hygiene maintenance, we decided to give a lecture in which we review the meaning of humanitarian assistance. The meaning of humanitarian assistance is “principles”. Elmaille and Berlande, who had already received the training, delivered this lecture.

The principles of humanitarianism are outlined in the “Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross, Red Crescent Movement, and NGOs in Disaster Relief.” JEN also signed this code of conduct.  To respect these principles is the basis of our work.

Without humanitarianism, equity, independence, neutrality, non-violence, non-malfeasance, accountability, transparency, and a profound belief that humanity is the first priority, one cannot be called a humanitarian.

At the end of the lecture, our program officer Romain gave a project report in the first month he had been working for JEN. We assessed what we had learned, what went wrong and well in Haiti during this past month. 

Through this assessment, we were able to see our results from an objective point of view.  In addition, by sharing our assessments with each other, we were able to bond as a team and return to work in a refreshed mind.

May 7, 2010 in Haiti |