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What is Kafiyyeh?

Imagine an Arabian man.
What is he wearing?
Don’t you imagine him wearing something around his head?

100415_img_1410 100415_img_1411 100415_img_1409_3  

This piece of cloth is called kafiyyeh. They wrap it around their heads or necks to protect themselves against sunburn and the cold. As you can see in these pictures, there are many ways in which you can wear it.

Can you see something black holding the red kafiyyeh?


I used to think they were using two layers of rubber bands, but I’d been mistaken. It was actually an inelastic cord.


The color of the cloth generally indicates where the person is from. The color combination of red and white is Jordan, black and white Palestine, and black with fine white stripes is Iraq (especially the Shiites).

Here in Amman, we also see a lot of people using kafiyyeh to decorate the inside of their cars.

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