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Vasantha Kalam - New Year’s in Sri Lanka

The New Year starts on April 14th in Sri Lanka. April is the happiest month for the Sinahala and Hindu community. In Tamil, this period is called Vasantha Kalam (the season when things starts), and it is also the season when there is a festival. As the picture shows, many children and young people participate in the marathon event held at various places.

100422_2010_new_year_festivalrace_c Marathon outside Batticaloa in the early morning of April 15th

There are customs unique to Sri Lanka for celebrating the New Year. They celebrate by giving money wishing for prosperity, receiving blessing from the elderly, and applying herbal oil on their heads.

100422_jen_batti_staff_celebfrates_ On April 15th, the project leader at JEN’s Batticaloa office gave blessings to the staff members. As you may see in the picture, he is holding the money note in his left hand.

Through these customs, people refresh their mind and look forward to a fruitful year.

Prepared by Miss. Sharulatha Field Assistant. JEN Batticaloa Team

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