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Thingyan, Myanmar’s New Year

This week is Thingyan, Myanmar’s New Year’s, the most important celebration of the year.  Although Sri Lanka starts their New Year’s around the same time as Myanmar, Myanmar spends longer holidays that span almost two weeks.

The highlight of the New Year’s is the four-day long water-spraying festival. People start preparing for the water festival from end of March. As we near the festival season, we see more and more advertisements that reflect the spirit of the festival and more stages for water-spraying in various places of Yangon.
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During these four days, since almost all the shops are closed, people of Myanmar and foreigners together go out shopping before the water festival. Because they’re on breaks from their work, many foreigners also travel outside Myanmar.

From 1-2 weeks before the water festival, everyone gradually started to get excited, and there were more happy faces in the streets than usual.
 Just like the New Year’s for the people in Myanmar, there would always be enjoyable times anywhere in the world. And I believe anyone is capable of having a great time during then.
We wish for people’s happiness to last. Happy New Year and Happy Thingyan!

April 15, 2010 in Myanmar |