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The implications of working in “Emergency” period

As we are working in emergency and a complicated situation in Iraq, there are no fixed activities or duties. We need to always do whatever that is necessary to achieve our goal.

I start my day by calling our staff to check if everything is ok and pray for no bad news especially, from the local authority and contractors. If the day starts without such problems, then it allows me to focus and concentrate on the rehabilitation activity, material purchasing and training program.

To develop our activities even further, I am studying now the GIS system. This is a geographical mapping system that is enhanced with many features to show on the map assistance density, population concentration and secure zones. These maps can then be shared with JEN’s partners such as distribution contractors to facilitate our projects.

So far I passed about 20% of this system. However it still a lot to and requires some familiarity with database technology. In any respect, the race of 1000 miles starts with one step forward.

April 1, 2010 in Iraq |