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Plaza Andalas and Ramayana reopened and giving a spectacular discounts’


This was the headline in all the newspapers on May 1st.


It was just 7 months ago on 30th September when a huge earthquake destroyed houses, schools, hospitals, hotels, markets and shopping complexes like Plaza Andalas. It was the biggest mall in the West Sumatra Province. The residents were not only suffering because of their destroyed houses but they were also shocked to see their favorite mall completely destroyed.

After 7 months of preparation and recovery, Plaza Andalas and Ramayana re-operate again approved by the mayor of the city. In addition, some new and famous chains of shops also opened to get the customers. At the re-launching day, an artist from Jakarta and famous music band were invited to attract and entertain Padang people. Thousands of people including students, couples, and old people gathered in the opening ceremony and everyone was singing songs with joy and happiness.

It has only been mere seven months since the earthquake. The reopening of this mall will encourage the local people because they can now buy their daily needs and the children can play around at the game center.  It also will recover the economic development of Padang city, absorb job seekers, and give some good influence to the traditional market.

The reopening has marked an important step in the revitalization of the city. 

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