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[Northern Vavuniya] A Word from a Villager, After the Distribution of Shelters

“My name is Rasaroshini. I and six other members of my family live in Matiyamabu Village.

We evacuated this area around the middle of 2008, but two months ago we returned and settled in this village again.

We had farming tools and a large house when we left, but we lost everything in the conflict, including those tools we once used. The conflict also restricts my husband's ability to travel.
We came back here empty-handed, having lost everything. The government gave us tents, but it was difficult and restricting to live in those. That’s when we received lumber and metal siding from JEN, allowing us to reinforce and expand our tents. It rained today, but we made it.
And  best of all, we didn't  need to take our children with asthma to the doctor.”

Through the support of JPF and individual supporters like all of you, JEN distributes boards and metal siding to assist people reinforce their homes. This has other benefits as well, as it did for Rasaroshini. Our support to improve the lives of returnees will continue.

100406_vav_north_nainamadu_jpf_shel 100406_vavuniya_northparanthan_jpf_
JEN staff members handing over shelters to villagers at the project site.

April 8, 2010 in Sri Lanka |