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Hope for Afghanistan’s future

100415_2   My Name is Najibullah Khalilzai I joined with JEN since 7th March 2010 as site engineer based in Charikar District.

 During the recent three decades of war in Afghanistan, our people suffered a lot of problems in this country. For example, around 3 million of our people died or were injured during the war, various governmental and nongovernmental properties have been damaged,  hospitals and schools are all destroyed, and most of our people had to seek refuge in other countries. Domestically, people’s rights were not respected. Our trained national police and army forces were affected and were not properly functioning.

 By establishments of the new central government, voted and chosen by our people, I sincerely hope that some positive changes will come to the live of our people. And that the rights of the people are recognized by the new government. I believe that people have equal rights regardless of which provinces of Afghanistan they live in.

 As for the reconstruction of the country, the international community has been assisting all of Afghanistan in different sections such as education development, health, road construction, and economic growth.  However for such a country as Afghanistan, completely destroyed from the conflict, assistance seems never enough.

 In security section our destroyed police and army forces are receiving training day by day and become strong.  The conflict is ongoing in our country, and some of our provinces is insecure and out of the control of the government.

 The international community has spent billions of dollars in our country, but our people still remains in poverty. I hope our people will stop suffering from poverty and the security becomes good and we could live without feeling any danger.

April 15, 2010 in Afghanistan |