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Election in Sudan

From April 11th to 15th, an election was held in Sudan.100429_election_poster_small

It was a historic first in the last two decades, during which election could not have been held due to war. As a result, many people voted for the first time in their lives at this occasion. As part of the election campaign, candidates’ posters were posted on walls, while election bags, T-shirts, and skirts were distributed free of charge. Children received free T-shirts for not being able to vote.


On the day of election, the community where JEN is constructing a primary school was used as a polling station, and the chief of the community proctored the election process. Since the school was still under construction, voting was held under a tree. For the next election, however, we hope that the school could be used as their voting site.

It is amazing that schools can become a community center.

April 22, 2010 in South Sudan |