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Assistance for Self-reliance Part 1

Last week, two JEN staff, Fifi and Stanley, went to Leogane for three days to participate in a hygiene training organized by UNICEF. Leogane is a town located between Port-au-Prince, the capital city, and Grand Goave.

The weekend just after that training was “Thanksgiving Day”.  Our team could manage to have some days off after several weeks of work non-stop.  Thanksgiving Day is an extremely important festival in Haiti. After the relaxing weekend, we had a training in the office.  Since our two staff had taken part in the UNICEF training, we wanted to share the information and the knowledge with other staff while their knowledge is still fresh.

100428_lecturing Fify and Stanley lectured on hygiene management and it was supposed to last two hours. The manager and the driver also attended the training at their own initiative. We asked the housekeepers in our office to attend this training. They also needed the detailed knowledge of hygiene management.

100428_training_session However, it is quite difficult to manage time. Although the training was due to last for two hours, it took us six hours in the end.  However, our team could deepen and expand our knowledge of hygiene management.

April 28, 2010 in Haiti |