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Will the long standing water need to come to an end?

Water need in the resettled villages in Batticaloa was a long-standing problem. Many attempts in the past two decades by various organizations were taken to solve the water shortage problem; however, we can say that none of them was ever successful. War is over, peace is restored, and many other livelihood supports is provided, but provision of the very basic need: water source is still to be found.

The main cause of the water source is rock. Even if you dig 20 feet in the ground, you will run into a rock that prevents further digging.

At this point, JEN, with the support of people in Japan has taken up this very difficult task of finding water from 30 feet below ground level. Out of 10 points that were dug initially, at 8 points, we hit the rocks. We first use drill to break them, and if this does not work, we must either change the digging point or use a small amount of dynamite to explode the rocks.


The above photograph shows the construction of an agro well in the village called Vahanery in Batticaloa. In Batticaloa, JEN plans to dig 40 agro-wells.


By JEN- Battialoa team

March 25, 2010 in Sri Lanka |