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The Footstep of my Father and my Uncle (Part 2)


People in Eritrea nowadays are surviving with the financial remittance from relatives in the Diaspora. Like the rest, I also shared my small income with my relatives and finally, since it was not enough, I asked my brother (third follower), 48, to come all the way over to Juba. He accepted it, risked himself to cross the border illegally, but thanks God; he was safe and is now employed by one of the biggest hotels of Juba. Now the whole Meles family is able to live much better economically than ever, putting behind the curtains, how difficult it is to live in different countries, especially when one is not able to visit his/her country, because of illegal immigration.

My brother, Berhane, in Star Hotel, Juba

Now, this reminds me the way my father and his brother (my uncle) migrated to Ethiopia. They were suffering of severe poverty at home. The only good asset they had, which their villagers still witness was strong love and cooperation of each other. But because of the poverty my father went to Ethiopia; started helping both families; but was very difficult for him and finally he found it better to call his brother and both families all over to Ethiopia where they lived conveniently for more than 40 years until they were deported after the independence of Eritrea.

So far, as far is my father’s and his brother’s history is concerned, I can say history is repeating itself but I hope and pray the repatriation to be sooner and with our own consent.

March 11, 2010 in South Sudan |