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Precisely, Efficiently, Delivering assistance to those that really need it.

20100324_jpf220100318photo_of_vieux We have distributed, on March 11th, shelter kits for shelter reconstruction to 73 households in a small locality called Vieux Caille, in mountains above Grand Goave. This time, the kit includes wood materials in addition to the previous contents; corrugated iron sheets, hammer, nails, saw and gloves, to prepare for the approaching harsh rainy season. However, with lack of various materials, we asked 3 households to share 1 saw.

In order to deliver assistance to those that truly need it, and in order to do it precisely and efficiently, community’s cooperation is indispensable.

That is because, needless to say, the local people are the ones that know the community.
So at this time, along with the community leader, Nader, many volunteers from the community supported the distribution.

20100324_jpf2_20100318assessment__2 During the preliminary assessment, we have selected the targeted households by visiting each and every household to verify the degree of destruction of each house.


Then the distribution day, Berlande, our national project officer, calls beneficiaries one by one, relayed by Nader with the megaphone. When the beneficiary comes, Nader confirms whether that he’s the right person. This is done to make sure that double distribution or distribution for non-targeted households does not occur.

Finally, the staff and volunteers distribute the prepared kits.

20100324_jpf2_20100318beneficiary_2 20100324_jpf2_20100318tool_distribu 

Without the support of volunteers, JEN’s activities cannot be implemented.
With the motto “together with the local people” we realize “self-reliance assistance” we will continue our activities.
Donation for JEN Haiti Earthquake Emergency Assistance.

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By postal transfer (available within Japan)

⇒00170-2-538657. Account name: JEN

We appreciate your cooperation.

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