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Discussing the Future of Iketani

On March 6th and 7th, JEN held an Iktani General Assembly Meeting, during which the locals and volunteers discussed Iketani’s future.

In addition to the villagers and the members of the Tokamachi Regional Development Planning Committee, volunteers and personnel from affiliated organizations participated, making it a great success.100311_9  

On the first day, participants were divided into groups of five or six people, and after having reviewed what had been going on in Iketani since the Chuetsu Earthquake, each group discussed what they wanted for Iketani’s future. On the second day, they created a map of Iketani in five years using illustrations and characters based on the outcomes of the first day’s session. As we carried out the meeting to incorporate many different opinions, we were able to share our perception of the village’s future,. 100311_5 


At the end of the meeting, when each participant shared their final thoughts, one villager confessed that he was not so sure if he would make it in five years as his conditions had gotten worse. The meeting came to a close as we continued thinking about our task as villagers and volunteers coming from outside the Iketani village.

“Where will Iketani be in five years?”
Now may be the crucial time for Iketani’s revitalization.

100311_8  100311_7 100311_5vision

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