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Cooperating with the construction company

Our cyclone shelter-type elementary school project is proceeded by cooperation of JEN’s engineer and the construction company.

100304_img_1838s JEN’s engineer is 53 years old. He has supervised many different sites up to now. During the initial stage of construction, the construction company staff were a bit overwhelmed by our engineer’s many orders, but gradually they seem to have come to understand his orders. They understood that by following close to his advices, the progress of the construction advances smoothly, and this has allowed for a building trust relationship.

The site is a swampland area close to sea, so if we dig even just a meter in, water would spring out. In order to establish a firm groundwork, we would have to dig about two meters in the ground while pumping out the water. Because of this, water pump maintenance is also an important task, and if not done properly beforehand, it would prolong our construction period.

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Furthermore, in order to raise our overall efficiency, while we do our excavation work, we simultaneously prepare metal reinforcing rods for the foundation and check detailed upcoming construction plans. Our work goes more smoothly by having daily meetings and instructions beforehand.

100304_img_1855s Little by little, we’re in the process of creating teamwork with the construction company. We would like to continue cooperating with them until we’re able to work as a team to the end.

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