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~Just pack it and send it!
Old books turn into new schools!~

This is how JEN’s BOOK MAGIC works.
Old books, old CDs, DVDs and videos lying around in your house, school, or office… never to be read again… Pack these in a card box, and NIPPON EXPRESS (Pelican-bin) will come pick it up anywhere in Japan, free of charge. Used-book store BookOff will then buy these items, and a part of it will be used in JEN’s “School Support Program” in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Sudan.

You can tidy up your room, recycle books and CDs, and at the same time contribute for a good cause! Your participation helps make children’s dream come true…

How to participate in BOOK MAGIC?


02_3 By telephone: 03-5225-9352
Online (Available in Japanese only):

www.jen-npo.org -> Look for the yellow BOOK MAGIC banner, and follow instructions on the pop-up window.


Simply pack your items in a box (supplied at you local convenience store or post office). Please note that the box must not weigh more than 30 kg per box. Just use more boxes if this is a problem.

04_5 The pick up date can be reserved (the earliest date is 7 days after the application date).
Items listed below are available for pickup. Items can be in any language. (“Not for sale”items, encyclopedia, catalogues are not accepted.)
•Paperbacks, hard cover books
•Dictionaries (within 3 years of publication)
•Study guides, reference books
•Children’s books, comic books
•Photography collections
•CD albums (no singles), DVD, VHS videos, video games
Pick up is available from minimum 30 items. Please use card board boxes, not bags when packing the items.

05_4 All the profits from YOUR recycled books/CDs/DVDs go to the construction of destroyed schools in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Sudan...

Thank you so much, and we hope that you will participate in BOOK MAGIC!
If you have any questions, please contact JEN at 03-5225-9352. English-speaking staff will assist you.


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