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Battle against water

100318_gcg_2065s Although Myanmar is currently in dry season and doesn’t see even a drop of rain, water keeps springing as we dig further and further in the ground. If we draw the water out with a pump, water would spring out again before we even notice. Also during transportation of construction materials, their arrival can sometimes be delayed due to the tide of water.

100318_gcg_1947s JEN’s engineer gives instructions so that we can simultaneously work on different tasks and thereby smoothly carry out the construction procedure.

During the dry season, however, the temperature rises up to 40 degree Celsius during the day that it is too hot to carry out the project the in way we would like to.

The rainy season starts sometime in May or June, so we must finish the groundwork by then. Adjustments made according to the engineer’s opinions become very crucial here.

Water, therefore, is both precious and troublesome in the Burmese delta area.

March 18, 2010 in Myanmar |