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Working in Afghanistan

I know I must talk about this year’s project in Afghanistan, so I would like to tell a short story of hardship like my colleague’s previous calendar story. This time it is about insurance.

Last year, one of the JEN’s local staff working for a long period asked for insurance. What they asked for was social insurance such as health insurance and employment insurance. The colleague who had a difficult time figuring out the calendar is having yet another difficult time for insurance companies, but there is no insurance company in this country.

In Afghanistan, the concept of compensation and responsibilities is not common in the community. There is an insurance company for JEN in Pakistan, where we remotely manage the projects for Afghanistan. Recently, however, these insurance companies began to add conditions that don’t cover injuries that are involved with terrorist attacks. Even these insurance policies differ from what’s intuitive in Japan, and they reflect the situations of the country.

JEN has to confront these different cultures and social atmospheres while carrying out our projects. There are staffs that play active part but whose efforts are not easily seen on the surface.

February 4, 2010 in Afghanistan |