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To teachers, and to children

JEN in Afghanistan began its hygiene educational program from January 24th for 225 teachers from seven different schools in Charikar District, Parwan Province.

The teachers are currently having their winter vacation, but they come to school to attend this three-day program. The person who trains them in hygiene education is a specialist from the Health Division in the Education Department, and is monitored by the JEN’s local staff. This time, the Education Department of Parwan showed interest in this program, attended all seven schools’ programs, and monitored them as well.

The teachers did have basic knowledge on hygiene but it wasn’t practical. While we were organizing programs, we incorporated games so that participants could enjoy the training without getting bored. This attracted a lot of interest, and made them attend the three-day-long sitting training and workshop with passion and enthusiasm. 

100218_2 Since the impact at the two girls’ schools was so big, JEN was asked to continue holding various programs on capacity building. The local male staff also seemed overwhelmed by the power of women.

After this program, the teachers will start conducting hygiene education to the children from the new semester.

February 18, 2010 in Afghanistan |