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Haiti Emergency Assistance Reporting Session

JEN is organizing a reporting session on our emergency assistance activities for those Haitian people affected by the earthquake, on February 15th Monday 2010 at 18:30.
At the Session, Ms Masako Yonekawa, who has been engaged in the emergency relief activities onsite, will report the environment of the preliminary needs assessment and voices of the affected people waiting for distribution of emergency goods... Many photos and video clips will be shown during the reporting.
JEN has dispatched 4 members to the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince from the Dominican Republic.
We are currently active in Grand Goave, a town about 50 km West from Port-au-Prince, where the need for sheltering is very high. We are distributing tool kits for removing rubbles and building temporary shelter, for 700 households of refugees. These kits include corrugated iron sheets, hammer, saw and nails.
One month has passed since the earthquake that left the infrastructure critically damaged. According to the Haitian President, by February 2nd, the death toll rises 200,000.
In addition, the hurricane season is approaching soon.
JEN is planning to continue with the assistance to help the affected people regain the life and be self-reliant as soon as possible.

<JEN Haiti Emergency Assistance Reporting Session, by Ms Masako Yonekawa>
Date; February 15th Monday, 18:00-20:30 (Opens at 18:00)
Shinjuku Tabunka Kyosei Plaza
Tokyo-to Kenko Plaza Haisia 11th floor, 2-44-1 Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku
(5 minutes walk from Shinjuku station, JR and Tokyo Metro)
(Access -> http;//bit.ly/dk4Nu6 )
Capacity: 35 people
Fee: JEN&JSE members are free, otherwise 500 yen
Please contact the Tokyo Headquarters, Hamatsu or Ikeda, by telephone or email (Please include your name, company, and contact).
(Tel: 03-5225-9352 / E-mail:

Reporter: Ms Masako Yonekawa (Francophone Area Emergency Assistance Specialist)
Field Director at UN Volunteer and UNHCR since 1992.
Adviser to the UNHCR High Commissioner, Specialist of Peace Building Operations.
Associate Professor at Faculty of International Studies at Utsunomiya University.

NGO JEN, Hamatsu/Ikeda
Daini Tobundo Bldg 7F, 2-16 Agebacho, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo 162-0824
Tel: 03-5225-9352  Fax: 03-5225-9357
info@jen-npo.org  URL: http://www.jen-npo.org

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