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Competing for construction

We are currently transporting the materials to be used on the groundwork and doing a two-meter excavation work with the local people, after signing the contract with the construction company to build a cyclone shelter-type school.  This project has been made possible by all the supporters in Japan and the will of late Ms. Kiyohara.

We’ve initiated both projects in Gwe Chaung Gyi and Tha Yaw Chaung at about the same time, but there is some gap between their work progresses. There are many reasons for such discrepancy, but the biggest factor seems to be each community’s distinct work ethics. Even with preparing the documents for school registration, Tha Yaw Chaung lags behind Gweng Chaung Gyi, and similarly with the actual construction.

Tha Yaw Chaung locals, nonetheless, start working harder when we show them the pictures of progress the other town has been making. With the right stimulus, their pride converts to competitiveness.

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Gwe Chaung Gyi


Tha Yaw Chaung

JEN will continue to work while encouraging the local people and maintaining a tripodal cooperation scheme between JEN, the people, and the construction company, all in order to start the school construction before the rainy season.

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